The Characters:

Patsy Terrell

Twitter: @patsyterrell
Location: Hutchinson, Kansas
I write, read, think, speak, repeat. I haunt thrift stores, bake the old fashioned way, write letters on nice stationery, have tea parties, and keep Christmas.

Joe Cheray

Twitter: @wildheart4vr
Location: Topeka, Kansas
I am a proud single mother to a son with cerebral palsy. It is hard work and I wouldn't change it for anything. I also run my biz Wildheart Social Media.

Jeff Keni Pulver

Twitter: @jeffpulver
Location: New York
Dreamer, Entrepreneur, Early-Stage Investor. Helped shape the worldwide market acceptance of VoIP; Story teller; Chairman Zula; Producer of #140conf. #Wheatfree

Shellie Couch

Twitter: @Taegus
Location: ÜT: 38.105005,-97.782135
Positively grateful for an ever abundant life!

Douglas E Stewart

Twitter: @dscweb
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Helping the best small business owners dominate their space on the internet. Entrepreneur. Music lover.

Jay Ehret

Twitter: @JayEhret
Location: Waco, Texas
Educationist, speaker, and blogger, Turning Entrepreneurs Into Marketers. Dean of Marketing Know-How at

Sheila Scarborough

Twitter: @SheilaS

Cody Heitschmidt

Twitter: @codyks

Gloria Bell

Twitter: @gloriabell

Cheryl Lawson

Twitter: @Partyaficionado

Ron J Williams

Twitter: @ronjdub

Becky McCray

Twitter: @BeckyMcCray

Gigi Belmonico

Twitter: @GigiBelmonico

Janice Person

Twitter: @JPlovesCOTTON

Kevin Honeycutt 

Twitter: @kevinhoneycutt

Mark Vierthaler

Twitter: @AgHipster


Twitter: @takechargeks

Laura Girty

Twitter: @LauraGirty

MB Linder

Twitter: @mbl

Fernando Fonseca

Twitter: @fjfonseca

Todd R Jordan

Twitter: @Tojosan

Val Wagner

Twitter: @wagfarms

Jennifer Lynn Keller

Twitter: @JenniferLKeller

Joplin Area Chamber

Twitter: @joplinchamber

Dennis Deery

Twitter: @DDeery

Jen Lee Reeves

Twitter: @jenleereeves

Melissa Gilliam Shaw

Twitter: @MilliGFunk


Twitter: @t_rave

James Lowe

Twitter: @jiggyjaguar

Twitter: @JenWPortraits


Twitter: @ICTSOS

tammy thorn

Twitter: @threegypsies

Katie Pinke

Twitter: @katpinke

Twitter: @MichelleBVM

Mary Klaebel

Twitter: @mklaebel

Scott Wendling

Twitter: @CommercialScott

Kerwin McKenzie

Twitter: @mskonfa1990

Tomi Ann Foust

Twitter: @BBBSRenoCounty

J.D. Patton

Twitter: @jdpatton

Bill Genereux

Twitter: @billgx